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Membership Amenities 

> WiFi

> Print & Fax 

> 24/7 Access

> Break Room 

> Phone Booth 

> Office Outfitting 

> Conference Room Access 


Hot Desk

Hot Desks are first come first serve style work spaces. They come with allotted conference room hours and guest passes.  All hot desks are quartz surfaced standing desks with electronic controls.


Reserved Desk

Reserved/ Dedicated Desks are one step before a reserved office. Two Options - small or large 63" standing desks, both with electronic controls that are fully reserved for your use only. You are allowed to keep you belongings, monitor, computer, etc. at these desks full time.


Private Offices

Private Offices include all utilities, internet, conference room use and parking. We have 7 total private offices ranging in shape and size starting at $565/Month

Included in Price 

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